Sunday, November 27, 2011

Snow Dragons

Life with Liam becomes more and more interesting as he can communicate more and more things.  And now, it is getting to be even more interesting as he is starting to develop what we can only assume is a very vivid and creative imagination.

Right now, it is Snow Dragons.  What is a snow dragon, you ask?  That's exactly what we wanted to know!

Liam has been talking about Snow Dragons for a week now and we have asked everyone he has been in contact with recently if they know what a Snow Dragon is and no one has a clue.  The incredible thing is the amount of detail he has come up with about these creatures that he has imagined.  

Through countless conversations with Liam about these creatures, this is what we have learned, all quotes from the expert:

What do snow dragons look like?
"Like dragons but snow dragons are white.  They have big wings and they fly far and fast. They roar like a dinosaur."

Where do they come from?
"They come from the sky, but not this sky, a different sky."

Where do they live?
"They live in caves."

Do they have friends?
Are their friends people?
"Yes, girls, I think."

Are they big or little?
"They are big, but sometimes little.  The big ones have little ones."

What do snow dragons eat?
"Sometimes bugs because snow dragons don't like bugs.  Snow dragons don't like juice.  They drink water."

On Wednesday morning, when we woke up to the first snow of the year, we learned more about the mysterious creature.

"Liam, it snowed last night."
"Did the snow dragons come?"
"I don't know, why?"
"Snow dragons bring the snow.  They come with the snow clouds.  And they play in the snow."

On Friday when the snow was all melted, this is what he told me.

"The snow is gone.  It melted into water.  But it's OK because the snow dragons will come back and bring more another day."

I have no idea where this sudden surge in imagination came from, but I love it and I hope that it continues!  

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Conversations with Liam

It really doesn't seem like that long ago that Liam's only word was "Ada" for Daddy.  But a lot has changed.  Since he moved to the preschool aged program at daycare this summer, his language has exploded.  And although I miss the toddler talk days when I was "Nonny" instead of Mommy and before bed he said "Lu Lue" for I love you, it is so much fun and (often funny) to have real conversations with my boy!

Some of these conversation just need to be recorded forever!!

While driving in the truck . . . 
Liam: "Mommy, what is this road called?"
Me: "Prince of Wales Drive."
Liam: "Is the prince of wales a whale?"

While out with Grandma on Remembrance Day . . . 
Liam: "Gabba, what's that?" (pointing to her poppy)
Grandma: "It's a poppy."
Liam: "Why?"
Grandma: "Because it is Remembrance Day.  It's to honour all the men and women who were in the wars.
Liam: "And the Dinosaurs?"

At bedtime . . . 
Liam: "I love my blankie.  Where did you buy it?"
Me: "Your Grandma L made it for you."
Liam: "Why?"
Me: "Because you were a little baby and needed a blankie to sleep with.  She made two, one for your bed at home and one for daycare."
Liam: "I don't have a blankie to sleep with at preschool anymore."
Me: "Why not?"
Liam: "It's broken." (looking very sad and disappointed)
Me: "What do you mean it's broken?"
Liam: "I don't know.  It's just broken."
Me: "What happened to it?"
Liam: "Sometimes blankies just break." (getting sadder with every word)
Me: "Do you want mommy to talk to Terri tomorrow and find out why your blankie is broken?"
Liam: "Yes.  And dragon too."  (dragon is his sleep toy)
Me: "OK, I will talk to Terri in the morning."
Liam: "Thank you Mommy." (big smile and hug)
**I did talk to Terri the next morning at drop off, Liam's blankie and dragon are both completely fine and he sleeps with both every day.  I have no idea where this conversation came from, but it was cute!

In the bath . . . (This one may get me some spam comments, but it is too funny not to share!)
Liam: making a funny groaning noise
Me: "What are you doing?"
Liam: "Just this." (he was holding his penis up and poking his testicles.
Me: "Why are you doing that?"
Liam: "Because.  Mommy, what is this?"
Me: "Umm, your testicles."
Liam: "I don't like it, please take it off, mommy."
Me: "Pardon?"
Liam: "I don't like it.  Please take it off."
Me: "I can't take it off, it is part of you."
Liam: "Why?"
Me: "It just is."
Liam: Silently continues to explore, then after a minute looks at me.  "Mommy, I think it's just dry skin. I think it will go away by itself."

Stay tuned for more Conversations with Liam as I am sure that there will be many more that I just have to share!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Trick or Treat!!

Liam had been talking non stop about Halloween for days leading up to October 31.  It seemed as though he actually got the concept this year.  He wanted to be a dinosaur, we found a costume at Value Village, it was a little on the small side, but Grandma altered it so that it would fit nicely. We were all set.  About a week before Halloween, he even insisted that we decorate!  He enjoyed helping Daddy carve a jack-o-lantern.

Pumpkin Carving Time!

The day before Halloween, we tried on the costume to decide what clothes he would wear under it and a melt down happened.  He didn't want to wear his dinosaur costume.  He thought it was too small.  Monday morning, as we left the house to go to daycare, he freaked out when he saw the costume.  He said he wasn't going to wear and told me to leave it at home.

I wasn't sure what Halloween night would bring.  Would we actually go trick or treating?  Or would we stay home with an upset little boy.

Fortunately, when we got to daycare, he was happy to put his costume on.  He wore it all day.  He came home excited to go trick or treating.  And insisting that Mommy dress up too!

I'm a dinosaur!  Roar!!

Mommy is a witch!

We set out, going to Gabba's house first.  Where he insisted that Grandma coming trick or treating with us!  And then we were off, to what I expect would be a few houses, maybe out for half an hour or so.

Trick or Treat

Let's go to people's houses!

But we kept going and going and going.  Our little dinosaur was a very good little trick or treater, knocking on doors, saying Trick or Treat, saying Thank you and Happy Halloween and giving lots of dino roars!

After each house, he asked to go to another house and another and another.  We finally had to stop him after an hour when he was literally getting too tired to walk.  And fortunately too tired to protest!

Let's go to another house!  I want to go to that one!

The best conversation of the night was at our final stop was at the Marlborough Pub.  It is a favourite place for all of us to eat.  The staff have been making a big deal over Liam since he was a newborn.  
The conversation went like this.
Waitress: "You are such a cute dinosaur.  I have a chocolate bar for you."
Liam: "I don't like chocolate."
Waitress: (jokingly) "Well, would you like a french fry instead?"
Liam: "Yes please!"
Waitress: "Here you go." Handing him a Mars bar.
Liam: "Is this like a french fry?"
Waitress: "Sure."
When we got home, Liam was still holding the Mars bar and talking about it being like a french fry.  So, we opened it up and let him try it.  Ever since, every time he sees a Mars bar, he recognizes it as being "like a french fry".  And the boy, who really didn't like chocolate, now likes Mars bars!

Checking out the loot after a fun night of trick or treating.

Since Monday, Liam has been asking if Halloween is over.  And making me promise that it will come back next year.