About Me

My name is Nicki.  I am many things to many people.  I am a wife, mother, sister, friend, Early Childhood Educator, Brownie Leader, gardener, scrap booker, blogger, animal lover.  I love to read, write and do crafts.

I work full time and come home each night to be the best mom I can be to Liam, (born December 25, 2008) and a wife to Henry (married September 2, 2010).

There are never enough hours in the day, days in the week, weeks in the month or months in the year to accomplish everything I set out to do but that is just one of life's little challenges.

I started my blog in August 2009 as a way to share my journey as I went back to work after my maternity leave.  I write about my joys and struggles as a working mom, my family, my job, parenting and my life.  Sometimes I am funny (at least I try),      sometimes I am serious, sometimes I am informative and sometimes I rant about things that drive me nuts!  You know, variety is the spice of life!