Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Potty Training Tuesday #15

The Potty Training Yo-Yo!

(Yes, I am aware that it is Wednesday, I am going to say that I am not a day late with this post but almost a week early . . . are you buying it?)

We are having a bit of a yo-yo effect happening with Liam's potty training.  And although I know it is perfectly normal, I don't like it!!!

The weekend before last, the yo-yo was flying high.  Liam asked numerous times to sit on the potty AND peed three times!  I was thrilled and hoping that it was the breakthrough that I had been waiting for - the success and interest that indicated that it was time to take potty training to the next level.

Through the week, Liam is in daycare full time and sits regularly on the toilet but hasn't had any success yet.  There isn't a lit of opportunity at home, during the week for any hardcore potty training, so, I planned to give it a go this past weekend.

I think (and hope) that an accident or two in underwear will be what Liam needs to get the idea.  He HATES it when his diaper leaks and his pants get wet.

Well, let's just say that hard core potty training did not happen this weekend.  The yo-yo fell hard, all the way to the floor.  There was absolutely NO interest in sitting on the potty all weekend, except when it was being used as a way to avoid bath time.  (Bath time is the most dreaded of all times in our house.)

So we are still in the wait and what happens phase.  We continue to encourage and praise every little step towards our goal, as we anxiously wait for the next opportunity to step it up.  Someday he will be ready.

People used to tell me that I was lucky that I had some much potty training experience, that it would make potty training my own child so much easier.  I always just laughed and joked that my experience and knowledge would probably backfire and my kid would go to kindergarden in diapers.  I am now beginning to fear that I jinxed myself!  

Hopefully, I am wrong and the yo-yo will be on it's way back up very soon, because I would really like to not have to buy diapers anymore!

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and advice every Tuesday!  And please do share your own experiences!  I am always looking for ways to make potty training easier for myself, not only at work, but also at home as I will soon be jumping in head first to potty train Liam!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Almost Wordless Wednesday

One of the girls I work with had to go to the preschool this afternoon, when she came back, she handed me a folded piece of paper and said that it was a note from Liam.  Here is the note . . .

Liam saw his teacher, Melissa, writing notes and asked if he could write a note for Mommy.  She asked what he wanted to write and that's what he told her!  

It totally made my afternoon!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

When I Grow Up I Want To Be . . . Kenny Chesney

As children, we all had many aspirations for our future careers, some realistic, others, not so much.  (My younger sister once told my mother that when she grew up she wanted to be a nurse or a horse!)  We all have stories and memories of those once upon a time ambitions that were never meant to be.  And if we don't remember, well, that's one of the reasons we have mothers!  

I feel that I would be considered a horrible mother if I didn't document my son's future aspirations and career dreams.  And of course, my blog would be the most appropriate place to do that!

First, a little back story.  We have been taking Liam to concerts since he was nine months old.  He's seen Sara Evans, Jake Owen, Kenny Chesney, Lady Antebellum as well as coming to this year's CMA Music Fest in Nashville with us.  He's always loved music and has been asking for a guitar since we were in Nashville.  This past Thursday, we saw Kenny Chesney at Capital Hoedown.

Friday, on the way home from work and daycare, "Summertime" by Kenny Chesney came on the radio.  Liam immediately started to dance and this conversation followed.

Liam: (Pointing excitedly to the radio) "That guy, that guy!  That guy from the concert.  The guy with the hat!"

Me: "Yes, that's Kenny Chesney, the guy from the concert."

Liam: "Miam be like that guy someday.  Me want to play guitar and dance at concerts and sing like that guy."

Me: "You want to be like Kenny Chesney and have concerts when you grow up?"

Liam: "Yep and wear a hat like that guy, at a concert."

So, there you have it, my boy wants to grow up to be Kenny Chesney.  I think the first song he needs to learn to sing is "She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy".

Do you think it is too soon to quit our jobs and move to Nashville??

(Side Note: By Monday, he was referring to him by name and asking to see the Kenny Chesney movie on TV!)

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Some Arguments Just Aren't Meant To Be Won

 Especially the ones you have in your head, with yourself.

Friday was Liam's first ever daycare field trip.  he was so excited to be going on a school bus to see animals at Saunders Country Critters.  Being a full time working mom and with it being the middler of summer when everyone wants holiday time, I was unable to get the time off work to go with him.  Of course, as many of you can well imagine, this triggered my "Mommy Guilt" instincts.  And started the argument in my head.

"If I was a SAHM, I would have been able to go with him," I thought.

"That's stupid, if I was a SAHM, he wouldn't be in daycare to go on a field trip," I reminded myself.

"But if I was a SAHM, I could do things like this with him all the time," I pointed out.

"But he wouldn't get to go on the bus and have all the friends that he has at daycare.  And without a paycheque, I wouldn't be able to afford to do things with him all the time," I argued.

It went back and forth like this for awhile until I finally realized that I was never going to win the argument.  There is no perfect situation, just the one that is best for our family.  Me working full time and having Liam in daycare is the best situation for us right now.  We need the paycheque, I love my job and Liam loves daycare.  

And for the record, there was absolutely no reason whatsoever for me to feel bad about not going on the field trip with Liam as Henry did take the day off to go along.  Liam was thrilled to have Daddy going with him and I was happy that they were getting to have this day together, but "Mommy Guilt" doesn't always look at things in the more realistic manner!