Tuesday, February 8, 2011

(Not) Potty Training Tuesday #11

Sorry about the lack of a Potty Training Tuesday post last week.  I had good intentions, but it takes more than good intentions to write a coherent post!

As promised, here is an update on my potty training with Liam.  Or as you may have guessed from the title,  how I am not potty training Liam.

I thought that when he started telling me that he had pooped, that we were getting close to ready for potty training.  Then he started to tell me when he had peed in his diaper.  And most recently has come the realization that his used diapers are "eww".  Woo Hoo, potty training time!

WRONG!!!  Liam has absolutely no use for the potty as anything more than a chair.  And that would be fine as a starting off point, except that he refuses to let me take his diaper off to sit on it.

He just has absolutely no interest whatsoever in potty training right now.  I thought that he would see his friends at daycare sitting on the potty and follow along, but no!  I thought that maybe he could be enticed with stickers, but again, no!

I've even tried just taking the diaper off and putting him on the potty.  And let's just say, the temper tantrum was not a pretty sight!

So, we aren't potty training yet.We are in the "asking and talking it up" phase.Every diaper change I ask, "Liam, do you want to sit on the potty?"  Which is always answered with a  "NO!"I remind him one by one of all his friends at daycare who sit on the potty.To each name, he responds "yep."  He knows they all sit on the potty.My final question is always, "Are you going to sit on the potty today?"The response again is always, NO!"I smile and say, "Maybe next time."

What am I going to do about this, you ask?


There's not a thing I can do about it.  If I force the issue, it is just going to make him mad and more resistant.  And it is going to cause everyone a whole lot of unwanted stress.  I have enough stress in my life without this!
The time will come, and until then, we will keep asking, encouraging and someday, he will sit on the potty!

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