Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wordless Wednesday - Saunder's Farm

This past Saturday we met up with my sister, Teanna and my nephew, Denver at Saunder's Farm.  We have never been before, I looked at their website last Halloween and thought that it was a little too expensive for what Liam would have gotten out of it at that point.  And I honestly didn't know until about a month ago that they had summer stuff!  I always just thought of them as a Halloween activity!

I wasn't sure how the day would go, Liam and Denver really do get excited to see each other and have fun when they are together but I was worried that at a place like this with so much to do, the difference in age (Liam is 3 and Denver is 7) would prove to be too much to keep them together and both happy.  I was pleasantly surprised at how content they were to do most things together.  

The boys had a wonderful time and Liam is already asking to go back again.

Seeing as how this is supposed to be a Wordless Wednesday Post, I guess I should get to the pictures!  (I don't do the Wordless part of  Wordless Wednesday very well!)  

I wasn't sure we were going to 

 "It's OK, we don't have to go anywhere else, we can just play here all day!"

"Umm, I got up, but how do I get down?"

"This is supposed to be challenging?  For who?"


"No, I'm not going to fall, I'm good!"

I'm not going to lie, I had a blast on the jumping pillows and would have spent more time there if the boys hadn't lost interest!

Mazes from the look out tower.

"I can find my way through here, no problem!"

"Just follow Denver, he knows where he is going!"

Liam wasn't too sure what to think of the splash pad.  He's never been to one before and isn't a fan out getting sprayed with water.

He did however have lots of fun spraying the water and running around the edges!

Witch's Mountain Slide.  I was very surprised to see Liam go down by himself!  It is very high and very fast!

After a few runs on his own, he talked Auntie Teanna into a couple of rides.

And even one with Mommy, but then he requested Auntie Teanna again!

Much like the tree house when we first arrived, we weren't sure that we were ever going to get to leave once the boys found the pirate ship play structure!  

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