Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Conversations With Liam - The Driller Bug Story

When you have a four year old with a very active imagination, you never know what the next conversation is going to be about or when you might have to have it.  This one happened at 3:00 in the morning yesterday.

Me:  Stumbles out of bed and across the hall.  "What's wrong?"
Liam:  "Turn on my actual light."
Me: Turns on light.  "What's wrong?"
Liam:  "Come sit with me."
Me: Plods across the room and flops onto the bed and closes my eyes, realizing that the boy is not upset, he is happy and full of energy. 
Liam: "Mommy, sit up and open your eyes.  You need to look at me."
Me:  Slowly sits up.  "Why aren't you sleeping?'
Liam:  "Mommy, a long time ago, when I was a baby a driller bug drilled these two fingers."
Me:  "What?!?"
Liam:  "A long time ago, when I was a baby a driller bug drilled these two fingers."
Me: "What is a driller bug?"
Liam: "A driller bug is a green bug with four legs that goes 'chut chut chut bzzzzz' and drills."
Me:  "Umm, OK, where did you see a bug like that?"
Liam:  "I saw it a long time ago when I was a baby, when it drilled these two fingers.  But it's OK.  WHen I grew up and was a three year old, the thing the driller bug gave me when it drilled into my fingers died and fell off."
Me:  "Ummm, that's good."
Liam:  "I think the driller bug is under my bed or a big rock."
Me:  "There is no driller bug under your bed."
Liam:  "What about a big rock?"
Me:  "I guess there might be a driller bug under a big rock somewhere."
Liam:  "No, Mommy, under my bed.  Is there a big rock under my bed?  A giant rock?"
Me:  "No, there ar eno rocks under your bed."
Liam: "There is something under my bed.  It is either a driller bug or a big giant rock."
Me:  "No, there's not."
Liam:  Leans over and looks under the bed.  "You're right.  It must have disappeared."
Me:  "Can you go back to sleep now?"
Liam: "Yep, good night Mommy."
Me: "Good night Liam."  Turn off the light and close the door.
Liam: "MOMMY!"
Me: Open the door.  "What?"
Liam:  "You forgot to say I love you."
Me:  "I love you Liam."
Liam:  "I love you too."
So, I have no idea where I was when the driller bug was drilling into my baby's fingers.  Or why I didn't notice when the "thing" died and fell off.  But there you have it.  The Driller Bug Story.  The fun things I do at 3:00am!

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