Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Packing for two days with an infant is a job in itself! I have spent just about the entire day packing for our two day trip to Syracuse for the New York State Fair. And I haven’t packed a thing for myself.

Liam needs to take just about everything he owns with him! Playpen to sleep in (we are staying in a cheap hotel that doesn’t have cribs), stroller for at the fair, food, bottles, sippy cups, clothes, toys . . . the list is really endless. Liam just smiles as he watches me run around grabbing this and that as I think of it and drop it in a pile of things to be packed. What he doesn’t know is that he won’t be smiling if Mommy forgets something important like formula or diapers!

Mommy, who should be relaxing and excited for a couple of days away (the only trip we are taking this year) is stressed and worried that something will go wrong. Maybe she will forget something important, like Liam’s bottles. Or what if he doesn’t sleep in the hotel room. Or what if he won’t eat the jarred infant food that he will be fed during the trip. (This will be Liam’s first taste of jarred infant food, as I have been making all of his baby food.)

So, after a day of running around like a chicken without a head, I think that Liam is packed and ready to go . . . except for the last minute things like his bedtime blankie and buddy. I however, have not packed a thing for myself! So, now, I am exhausted and headed off to bed, hoping that the packing fairy will come along while I am sleeping and pack my things for me. And then when she is done that, she will load everything into the car for me. I know, it’s highly unlikely, but I can hope!

If all goes according to plan, we will be leaving around 9am tomorrow, the plan is to put Liam in the car seat just in time for his morning nap, so that he will sleep most of the way there. Wish me luck! And if we all survive this trip, I will be back on Saturday!!

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