Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I am not Green with envy anymore . . .

. . . because my new Green Bin arrived today! When I first learned that Ottawa was finally putting a Green Bin program in place, I was thrilled. Until I learned that rural residents wouldn't be a part of the program, living in what I thought was classified as a rural part of the city, I didn't expect to be getting one. So, when I got home today and found one in my driveway, I did a happy dance. Well, not really, but I was excited. I am looking forward to January when I can start to toss stuff into my bin instead of the garbage bag. I do have a composter and try hard to compost what I can, however, my composter fills up much faster than the stuff in it composts. So, while I wait for the big black box hidden away behind my shed to do it's magic on my potato peels and vegetable scraps, I end up tossing stuff into the garbage.

Now, when my composter is full, I will be filling my green bin. And I was happy to see that there are a lot of things that can go into the green bin that can't go into my compost . . . meat waste, kitty litter, and paper plates, among other things can now be composted instead of filling up the landfill.

I am happy that I can do one more small thing to help environment!

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