Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Costume or Super Cute Jogging Suit

I am in need of some opinions.  Halloween is just around the corner and Henry and I are having a bit of a disagreement on what Liam should dress up as.

I want to get him some kind of super cute, but not expensive costume. Value Village has some adorable little dragon costumes that I love that were about $20.  He is only 22 months and won't be doing a whole lot of trick or treating or anything like that, but I want something cute to take some Halloween pictures and for him to wear to daycare with all his friends.

Henry on the other hand things that he should wear his "orange, fuzzy tiger costume" and that he is too young to care or know the difference.

Now, the real reason that this is such an issue is that as far as I am concerned, the "orange, fuzzy tiger costume" is NOT a costume, it is a Tigger jogging suit.  Henry is convinced that it is a Halloween costume.  I am sure that it is a jogging suit. 

 So, now, I need some opinions.  Here are some photos of the munchkin in the outfit in question.

"Aren't I the cutest, most adorable Tigger ever?  What exactly is a Tigger?"

Front View
Back View

Seriously, if it were a costume, wouldn't it have a tail???  And the day I took these photos, he wore the outfit to daycare.  None of my co-workers told me that I was a loser for bringing my kid to daycare in a Halloween costume in September, and I think that there are at least a couple of them who would have said something like that.  (Wini, Ashley, you would have told me that I was a loser, right?)

So, there it is, PLEASE leave me some comments to let me know what you think.  (Especially if you think I am right!)


  1. Doesn't really matter. He is cute as a button. You are not weird for taking him to day care in the outfit. Sarah used to wear her princess stuff everywhere! It is cute and if he likes it, what does it matter.

  2. I would, unfortunately, have to agree with Henry. It is a costume. Although, who cares if he wore it to daycare. If he went joyfully, I would say it doesn't matter.
    The tail is an honest query...what about making one for trick or treating to fill it out as a costume.
    Keep on being a great mom!!!

  3. I thought Eeyore was the one that kept losing his tail.

  4. We are still arguing about this . . . regardless of what it is, I think he needs another costume for Halloween!

  5. So here's my 2 cents worth!

    Tiger is cute - if he is happy in it let him wear it. The tail (if it had one) would be a nuisance when trying to get him in and out of the car seat if driving around on halloween.

    If the other costumes are a good price - buy it anyways...dress up is one of the most fun things for kids of all ages. However November 1 is the best day to go costume shopping! That is what I do!

  6. So funny, I was just blogging about my costume dillema yesterday


    Funny that I should stumble upon your blog on the day that you are having a similar situation. Great minds think alike though, right?

    As for the tiger outfit...totally not a costume if it doesnt have a tail. That shouldn't even be an argument. It's more than worth it to buy the $20.00 costume.
    Because how often do you get the opportunity to dress up your little man without being a "loser?"
    Because obviously the opportunity isnt presenting itself very often.