Sunday, December 26, 2010

Liam and Santa

Part 1 - Terrified!

Christmas In the Gower: We looked at Santa from a distance.  Asked if he wanted to see Santa.  "Yes!" he said excitedly.  He happily sat and coloured while we waited for the crowd to thin.  We waited in line.  We were excited.  Liam was excited.  Finally it was our turn.  I walked to Santa with Liam in my arms.  The closer we got, the tighter he held on to me.  By the time we got to Santa, he was in full out death grip mode.  I started to put him on Santa's lap.  The tears started.  "No, no, no!" he yelled, tears running down his little cheeks.  Apparently, he didn't really want to see Santa after all!

The next morning, I asked, "What does Liam do when he sees Santa?"  His answer, "I cry!"

At least he enjoyed colouring while he waited!!

Part 2 - Reluctant

Daddy's Work Christmas Party:  It was a fun party.  Out first family bowl adventure.  We all had fun.  Liam even won!  (Yeah, mommy and daddy don't bowl very well!)  Then we went into the restaurant.  "Santa is going to come bring you a present," we told him.  His answer, "NO!" as he played with his hot dog and fries.  

Santa arrived.  Liam was concerned.  He watched as other kids got their gifts.  Then it was his turn.  He took a couple of steps towards Santa.  He stopped.  
Is that for me??

He was about to have a meltdown.  I could see it on his face.  Then he saw the present Santa had for him.  He let Santa pick him up.  He sat on Santa's lap but only to get that present!
Thanks, but can I go now?

After that, he talked about Santa constantly but still, when asked, "What does Liam do when he sees Santa?", the answers was "I cry."  And at the mall, when Daddy asked if he wanted to go see Santa, the answer was a definite "NO!"

Part 3 - Excited

Daycare Christmas Party:  He enjoyed the songs and listening to the music.  He was excited that Daddy was there, completely ignoring Mommy, which was kind of a good thing, because Mommy was still working.  We expected a melt down or that he would at least be clingy with one of us when Santa arrived.  He watched from a distance as the first few kids saw Santa and got their gifts.  And then, there he was, in front of Santa, ready for his turn, without waiting for his name to be called.  I moved him away, to wait for his turn and told him to listen for his name.  But he was having none of it!  So, instead of being near the end of the list, we moved him up.  "Liam?" Santa called.  he ran over eagerly and put his arms up to sit on Santa's lap for a picture.  
"Tank you Sasa!"

Now, instead of crying when he sees Santa, he talks about him CONSTANTLY!  

Who knows what next year will bring but this year, we had a little bit of everything on the Santa tolerance scale!


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  2. That's how it went for us two years ago. Three Santas and the third was finally a hit!