Sunday, December 19, 2010

My Christmas Tree Tells A Story . . . Does Yours?

There are a lot of ways to decorate a Christmas tree -  you can choose a theme or colour scheme, you can be organized and symmetrical or completely random.

Themes and colour schemes used to mean searching store after store to find enough matching decorations to fill a tree but now, you can just go into a store and pick of a tub of decorations in one of the years hottest Christmas colours!

If I were decorating a tree for an office or some other public place, I would probably be all over the organized, symmetrical, colour scheme trends.  But for us, at home, that's not what I'm looking for.

To many people, I am sure our tree looks mismatched and disorganized, but I think it is great with a lot of ornaments that actually mean something to us.

There are ornaments from a gift exchange that I did with my closest friend in 7th grade.
There are ornaments that my Grandma crocheted years ago, that until recently hung on her tree every year.
There ornaments that have been given to me by daycare kids over the years.
There is a bride and groom ornament that my mother in law gave us the year we got married.
There's Liam's First Christmas ornament and a ball with his name on it.

There are ornament's that Henry's had for years and years.
There's the first ornament that Liam ever made, at daycare last year.
There's a collection of Canada Post decorations that my mother in law (who works for Canada Post) has given us over the years.
There are ornaments that I made years ago.
There are lots of snowmen and snowflakes and other things that are there just because we like them.

And on top of the tree is an angel, made by my mother out of the same fabric that she used to make my wedding dress.

Sure, there are lots of generic balls and bells scattered around through out the branches.

But it is the other ornaments that tell the Christmas stories of our family.  And that will continue to tell our stories in the years to come.

(I've heard a rumour that an Elmo ornament will soon be joining our collection for our Elmo loving little man!)


  1. Yes my tree tells a story, although it's not up yet. I don't even want to bother putting it up this late but we need to have a tree to put presents under. All my ornaments have a story behind them. Kid made, received as gifts, made myself, used to be my in-laws (who passed away) etc..

    Hey we have a lot in common. I'm a leader with Girl Guides of Canada too. I have a joint Spark/Brownie unit and a Guide unit although I'm currently helping at the Guide unit about once a month as I'm pregnant with a baby boy who I'm naming.... Liam! LOL

  2. Sounds like we do have a lot in common! Liam is a great name!! Glad you stopped by and commented! Hope you come back again!