Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Good-Bye February . . . Hello March!

There is no question in my mind, I do not enjoy the month of February.  It is cold, it is dark, it is dreary, it is wintery, it brings the anniversary of my grandfather's death.

Sure, it has Valentine's Day, but that doesn't do much for me and never really has.  Family day is a nice added touch, but not enough to make up for all of February's shortcomings.  And don't even get me started on the silliness that is Groundhog's Day.

And what makes it even worse, is that despite it being the shortest month,  February always feels like the longest.  I find myself counting the days until March arrives.

March . . . warmer temperatures, melting snow, sunshine, longer days, the excited anticipation of spring.

But this year, I have to say, WOW!  Where did February go?  It seemed flash by in the blink of an eye.  It was over so fast I almost didn't have time to start despising it.  And I hardly got to complain about it!

Not sure why it went so fast.

We had Liam's birthday party on February 5th.

The dog and cat had a scramble and the cat ended up with a broken leg and jaw during the Family Day long weekend.

This past Sunday we went to the Museum of Science and Tech for the afternoon.

Other than that, we went to work, went grocery shopping on Fridays and spent the weekends hibernating, wishing winter would take a hike.

And now, February is done, history, finished.  March is here.  The end of winter is finally in sight.  We will have survived another cold, snow-filled season and soon we will be BBQing, camping and gardening instead of hibernating.

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