Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Potty Training Tuesday #13

The Beginning

Liam has finally started to show and interest in potty training.  Suddenly, about two weeks ago, he asked to sit on the potty at daycare AND actually wanted to sit!  Before this, he refused to sit on the potty.  He talked about it, said he wanted to, but when it came down to it, he refused.  But this time, he actually wanted to try.  And it continued all week.

On the weekend, we got out the potty at home.  He sat on it, playing with a spray bottle, a hair brush and brushing his teeth for a LONG time, probably close to 20 minutes!

And when he got up, the potty was full of PEE!!!!!!  We'd had our first success!  

And he was not happy about it!  He was quite upset that the potty was full of "eww!"  And even more upset that I didn't have a race car sticker to give him.  (Totally mommy fail, I know!)  So, I broke one of my own rules and gave him a lollipop!

Monday at daycare, after nap, he sat on the potty and peed again!!!

And again, he was not happy about!  He was throughly disgusted (and cried) that the potty was full of "eww!"

It's been a week now, since our two successful potty times and we haven't had anymore.  Liam does often sit on the potty at home and at daycare, but hasn't put anymore "eww" in it yet.  

He has learned (most of the time) that his penis need to be pointed into the potty.  He calls it his peenie.  And makes sure to tell all the other kids at daycare who are sitting on the potty (girls included) to put their "peenies in the poddy".

I am very please that Liam is starting to show an interest in potty training and that he has had a little bit of success.  But I am finding it harder than expected to follow my own potty training suggestions.

I am not being anywhere near as consistent as I should be with getting him to sit on the potty when we are at home.  

I am having a very hard time not insisting that he sit on it when he is resistant.

It is amazing how much harder it is when it is your own child.  And it is making me realize that I need to be a little more understanding of daycare parents.  I often push parents (politely of course!) to be more consistent at home.  I am now realizing just how difficult that can be with everything else that needs to be done after coming home from work.  I will continue to suggest consistency at home but will try to be more understanding of the people who just can't do it.

Liam has also reminded me that you NEVER, no matter how many kids you've had a hand in potty training, know what to expect.  in over 12 years of toddlers and potty training, I have NEVER had a child cry when they pee in the potty because it is "eww!"

Stay tuned for more tips, tricks and advice every Tuesday!  And please do share your own experiences!  I am always looking for ways to make potty training easier for myself, not only at work, but also at home as I will soon be jumping in head first to potty train Liam!

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