Sunday, October 23, 2011

Halloween And Allan's Candy

A few weeks ago when the Halloween decorations started appearing in stores, I asked Liam what he wanted to be for Halloween.  I expected that at almost 3 years old, he would have an opinion this year.  The conversation when like this.

Me: "Liam, what do you want to be for Halloween this year?"
Liam: "Yes, Mommy." (This is his standard answer for when he doesn't understand the question.)
Me: "What do you want to dress up as for Halloween?"
Liam: "A shirt."
Me: "You want to be a shirt for Halloween?"
Liam: "I want to wear a shirt.  I just need to wear a shirt."

Clearly, at that point, he did not understand the concept of Halloween!

Now, however, he does.  He decided not long ago that he wanted to be a dinosaur.  He is thrilled with the dinosaur costume that we found him and has been practicing his dinosaur growl and asking daily when he gets to wear it.

Because this is the first year that Liam even remotely understands Halloween and because we live in the country and in 9 years have never had a single trick or treater come to the door, we don't really have any Halloween traditions yet.  Unless buying candy "just in case some one comes" and eating it all ourselves counts as a tradition?  I am however looking forward to creating some fun filled family Halloween traditions.  

Last year, we visited a local pumpkin patch, which I think was probably the beginning of an annual tradition.  We enjoyed a wagon ride and explored the pumpkin patch.  This year, given Liam's current obsession with corn fields I expect we will also be making our way through the corn maze.

I expect that this year will also see Liam and Daddy carving a pumpkin or two together, which will, after Halloween be cooked into their favourite dessert, pumpkin pie.

Regardless of your choice of Halloween traditions, it is impossible to celebrate the holiday without CANDY!!!!  This year, Allan's is helping us in the candy department.

With Allan's you are getting Canadian made candy from a company that is celebrating it's 77th year in business.  Everyone who enjoys candy has at one time or another tried Allan's iconic Big Foot candy that has been teasing our taste buds for more than 25 years!

Allan's has three types of individually wrapped, peanut free candy mixes that are available for Halloween.  Allan's Intense Jubes and Jellies, Allan's Chewy Rascalz, Allan's Fruit Buddies all of which you can find at Walmart, Loblaws and other key retailers.

We have all been sampling some of these Allan's Halloween candies and I can say that if you are a lover of candy, you won't be disappointed in these treats.  Keep them hidden if you want any to be left on Halloween night!

Disclosure - I am participating in the Allan Candy Company program by Mom Central Canada.  I received compensation for my participation in this campaign.  The opinions on this blog are my own.

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