Saturday, December 10, 2011

It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas

We jumped into the Christmas season with a bang last weekend.

First night we attended a community Christmas event called Christmas in the Gower.  It is a great night for socializing, enjoying homemade cookies, music and of course, Santa!  I've been attending this even for years as the North Gower Brownies, Girl Guides and Pathfinders always sing a couple of songs to entertain the crowd.  But what I now realize is that this is the perfect place to visit Santa.  He arrives on a fire truck, you don't have to go to an insanely busy mall and standing in line for hours.  Liam told Santa that he wants a train set and tools for Christmas and we even got a couple of nice pictures!

Saturday night we all sat down together on the couch to write Liam's letter to Santa.  Although he doesn't quite get the concept of writing to Santa, he did enjoy talking about what he wants for Christmas (a train set, tools and a big Bumblebee Transformer).  Daddy and I did most of the composing of the letter, but adding stickers was exciting for Liam!

Sunday was Henry's work's Christmas Party for the kids.  It was held at a bowling alley.  Liam's new favourite thing to do - bowling!  He didn't care if he hit any pins as long as he could keep rolling balls down the alley!  We had to fight to get a turn!

After bowling was lunch and a visit from . . . you guessed it, the big guy himself, Santa Claus, and he had gifts!  Apparently bowling makes little boys VERY hungry because our Christmas obsessed Liam had little to no interest in Mr. Claus or the other kids with their wrapping paper and gifts . . . lunch was much more important at that moment!  When his name was called, he was shocked to get a present!  He got right to work on the wrapping paper and was thrilled to find the big Bumblebee Transformer that he wanted.  (We had to provide the gift.)

Sunday evening, we gave into Liam's pleas for a Christmas tree!  (He'd only been asking for three weeks!)  He could hardly contain his excitement as we assembled the tree and put on the lights!

Then, I couldn't put hooks on the ornaments fast enough for him!  The tree has never been decorated so quickly, but it has also rarely been this fun.  When he couldn't get a hook on a branch, he hung it on another decoration.  When we suggested that certain decorations should go up higher he showed us where to put it.  Now, every morning when we get up and every day when we get home he turns on "his tree" for us all to enjoy.

I love that we are starting to build these family traditions together.  I love that at almost 3 years old, Liam actually gets it this year.  He is so excited for Christmas and it won't get here fast enough for him.  

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