Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I should be . . .

Supper's finished, the dishes are done, the toddler is in bed.  <>  Time to sit down and relax.  Time to check in on Facebook and Twitter.  Time to catch up on reading my favorite blogs.

But not really.  All the time I spend on the computer should really be spent doing something much more productive.  Yet, night after night, I find myself parked at the computer because it is easier.  It doesn't take any physical effort.  It is definitely more entertaining.  And for the most part, it doesn't even take much thought.  Occasionally I write a blog post or have a conversation that exercises my brain cells slightly but for the most part, the only thing getting any kind of exercise are my typing fingers.  Although I have never seen any type of study or proof, I am pretty much convinced that typing isn't going to help me lost any weight.

I need to find a way to motivate myself to do the things that need to be done FIRST and then enjoy some computer time.  And to remember the things that I want and need to do each day.  I spend waste too much time doing nothing on the computer - playing silly games, refreshing Facebook and Twitter every 30 seconds, registering for yet another message board or group that I may will never visit again.

This is all time that could should be spent:

cleaning my house
tidying the drawers of my desk
organizing my craft supplies
organizing and scrubbing out my kitchen cupboards
cleaning out my closet and dresser
planning Brownie meetings
working on my scrapbooks
baking or cooking (to freeze)
exercising to lose weight and get healthier

The list could go on and on and on but I am sure that you get the point.

It is time for things to change.  It is time for me to start accomplishing something.  It is time to start spending at least an hour each evening (after Liam is in bed) doing something away from the computer.  Do you think I can do it?  I'm not even sure I can do it.  But I have to try.  I can't keep ignoring everything except my computer.  Can I?


  1. I think we should start a support group, Nicki. I'm serious.

  2. Yes, but it would be just one more thing to distract us from the things we SHOULD be doing!!

  3. Girl you are not ALONE! I had this argument just the other day between my "motivated do something" self and my "lazy relaxing" self. You can guess which one wins the majority of the time! I'm here aren't I? This blog hopping can get addicting for sure!

  4. Nicki, I wish I had some good concrete advice for you. I don't. Even though I'm no longer on facebook, which was a huge issue for me in terms of time management I still find time to waste in front of the computer, namely Ravelry. I know for me that if things get too bad, I have to turn off the laptop and basically put it upstairs so it is no longer a temptation.