Friday, April 27, 2012

Are YOU Listening? Seriously, are YOU?

I am participating in the 5 for 5 writing series at Momalom where bloggers write a post a day for five days about a given topic.  Today's topic is LISTEN.

The twist on today's 5 for 5 post is that it is also Six Word Friday over at Melissa Camera Wilkins' Blog!  

Listen, hear, feel, understand and write.
The voices, stories in your head,
Let them out.  Set them free.
Share your stories with the world.
Write them, Blog them, Journal them.
Share your creativity with the world.
Don't just keep it to yourself.
This is me, trying to share,
Some of the voices, stories memories,
that bounce around in my head.
Read, enjoy, comment, come back again.


  1. Yes! Get the words out. The stories out. Share them. Listen to your own words and others. Yes!

  2. The stories should be heard. This is a mantra.

  3. Yes! Share and share and share.