Thursday, April 26, 2012

My Rambling Thoughts On Age

I am participating in the 5 for 5 writing series at Momalom where bloggers write a post a day for five days about a given topic.  Today's topic is AGE.

We all know what age is.  Simply put, it is the number of years we have been alive.  

We all know that there are certain rights of passage that come with certain ages.  

Four year olds get to start school.  
Sixteen year olds get to learn to drive.  
Eighteen year olds get to vote.  
Nineteen year olds get to drink. 

As child there are always things that you want to do but can't until you are older.  
How many times did you tell your parents that you couldn't wait to be an adult and move out on your own?

As an adult, there are so many things that you could only do when you were younger.
How often do you wish you could be a carefree child again?

I think back 20 years, to when I was 15 and thought that my parents were old and my grandparents were really old.  Now that I am the age that my mother was then, it really doesn't seem that old.  And then I realize that my parents are around the age that my grandparents were at that same time and I wonder why I ever thought that classified as REALLY old.  Time really does change ones perception of age and what is old.

A few years ago, I was at a Brownie Meeting, my first year as a leader, and had this conversation with three of the girls:

Keira: "Nicki, how old are you?"
Me: "How old do you think I am?"
Katrina: "You are old enough to have a husband and a house."
Keitha: "You must be really old then!"
Keira: "But not as old as our moms because you aren't old enough to have kids yet."
They all huddled together and whispered for a moment and looked at me again.
Katrina: "We think you are 19."
Me:  "Good guess girls!"
Keitha: "Are we right?"
Me: "Nope, but let's just pretend that you are!"
(The 30 year old me was very happy to pretend that I was 19 again!)

And there you have it, my migraine induced random thoughts about AGE!  (By the way, right about now,  on day two of this monthly migraine, I would love to go back to an age before I started getting these lovely headaches!)

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  1. Here's the thing I think about: No age seems REALLY OLD to me anymore. I mean, my grandmother is almost 90, and she's just "regular old." You know? I'm almost 40, and that seems like the beginning of old. But then, I'm told it's not. So I guess I won't fast-forward myself to old. I'll just try to do what I want to be doing, regardless of my age!