Saturday, October 31, 2009

I don't want to "Fall Back"

Tonight is the night that Daylight Saving Time ends and we put our clocks back an hour. I always dread the time change. Not only does it mess with my schedule and cause me a week (at least!) of trying to figure out what time it is and get my sleeping back on track, but it totally screws up the kids at daycare. Again, for at least a week they are cranky and tired because their sleep schedules are messed up. What was nap time last week (12:00 pm) will now be lunch time (11:00 am) which means some of the kids will be too tired to eat, they will end up going to nap without having much if any lunch and wake up even more miserable because they are starving.

And on top of the time change, it is also a full moon this week. I know that a lot of people out there think that the full moon doesn't effect people in any way, but when you have worked with kids for as long as I have, you KNOW that there is a change in the way they act and behave for about a week around a full moon. They are louder, busier and overall more difficult to deal with.

So, I am bracing myself for a LONG, BUSY and EXHAUSTING week. I think that I will just go hibernate for the winter. Would someone please come wake me up when it is time to "Spring Forward"?

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  1. I feel your pain, Nicki. My daughter had a 40 minute nap this morning and refused to have another today. I doubt if she'll last another two hours before she goes to bed, either. And I don't want to put her to bed early because she'll get up early. *Sigh* This time change thing can be infuriating.