Thursday, October 1, 2009


Maybe going back to work early was a good idea after all! Yesterday, I was promoted to Head Teacher of the Toddler Program. It is a position that I never expected to be available to me, because the former Head Teacher had held the position for many years and wasn't expected to be going anywhere! However, she decided that it was time for a change and transfered to the preschool program.

When the position was announced, I let them know that I was interested, think that it would be easy, there weren't many people who were qualified for the position (5 years ECE experience), they would make a decision and it would all be done with quickly. However, I was wrong! First, all I had to do was tell my boss (reply to the e-mail she sent informing me of the position) that I was interested. Then we had to apply to our supervisor in writing, and the changed the qualifications (5 years became 1-2 years) so that more people were able to apply. That worried me a little, because it made me wonder if they had someone else in mind for the promotion. Regardless, I submitted my letter waited to see what was going to happen.

A few days later, they decided that they needed updated resumes. That was when I started to really panic! I hadn't updated or even looked at my resume since I'd been hired at the daycare in 2001! I didn't even know where it was! AND they asked for it on a Friday, and wanted it by Monday! However, I found a copy of my seriously outdated resume and was able to revise it and add to it and have it in good shape in only a couple of hours. Crisis averted!!

Then came the next surprise . . . INTERVIEWS! They had said in the beginning, they were not doing interviews, but they also said they didn't want updated resumes. Much like my resume, I haven't had a job interview since 2001! And this was going to be quite the interview . . . two supervisors, the director and the owner all staring at me as I fumbled for my answers! Not to mention the fact that they had no idea when they were going to do said interviews, so it was a waiting game!

We finally found out on Tuesday (two weeks after submitting resumes) that Wednesday was the day. Finally, an end to the worry and the gossip, because you know that EVERYONE was talking about who was going to get the promotion and what would happen when they did. Interviews were scheduled between 1pm and 3pm. After 3pm, we (there were three of us in the toddler program who applied and had to spend the afternoon together, waiting for news!) were on pins and needles hoping that a decision would be made by the end of the day and wondering who the lucky person was!

When my shift was over, we still hadn't heard anything and were convinced that we weren't going to get an answer until today. We were sure that we would be stressing and speculating for another night. But much to my surprise, my supervisor was waiting for me as I went to leave to give me the news . . . I was the new Head Teacher!

Now that the stress of waiting and wondering is over, it is time for me to begin to learn the specifics of my new position! Tomorrow I am to meet with my supervisor to go over all of my responsibilities and everything. And Monday it is official, I am will be the Head Teacher! I am very happy and excited with this new position!

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