Sunday, December 13, 2009

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas . . .

. . . my house is a mess, there are piles of gifts for people (still in shopping bags) all over the place, another pile of wrapping paper and gift tags, and a table covered in half written Christmas cards. And there are to do lists here, there and everywhere, each one longer than the last . . . I really need to gather them up and put them all together into one list, but it would be so long that it would scare me into hibernation! Oh, and I have an undecorated Christmas tree in the corner of the living room . . . aside from that, all of the decorations are still in the crawl space.

However, I have the next two days off work!! And tomorrow, Liam is going to daycare! My plan is to go out first thing in the morning and finish my shopping and then I will spend the rest of tomorrow and Tuesday (with Liam's help!) cleaning, decorating, baking and wrapping. Hopefully by the end of the day Tuesday, I will feel a little more organized and ready for Christmas . . .

And then I have a birthday to think about . . . seriously, what was that kid thinking, being born on Christmas day?

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