Sunday, December 6, 2009

Visiting Santa . . .

While at the mall doing some Christmas shopping, we took our little man to see Santa. Waiting in line for our turn was lots of fun . . . there were people walking by to look at, other kids in line to watch and a 4 month old baby behind us to talk to.

When it got to be our turn, we weren't so sure about that funny looking man dressed in red and there was nothing we could do to get a smile out the kid who never stops smiling. Don't get me wrong, I'm not complaining . . . I know that it could have been A LOT worse. I know that some babies would have started screaming the moment they saw the Big Guy and not stopped until they were miles away. And the photographer got a pretty good shot . . . this one is from Daddy's iPhone, as we didn't have time to wait for the picture to be ready, we'll have to go back and get it this week.

Santa did however give us a Snowman pillow, which Liam absolutely adores. In his exercauser last night, he was reaching for it sitting across the room on his toy box. Once I gave it to him, it got a huge smile and a cuddle . . . this is from the kid who never cuddles, because it means he would to stay still! And every time it fell on the floor, he would lean over, stare at it sadly and complain until we picked it up for him.

All in all, I think our first visit to Santa was a success! :)

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  1. love the cute pics.. he is getting so big now! hope everything is good with you, and you have a very merry christmas:)