Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Putting away the Christmas haul . . .

All I have to say is wow!! Putting away all of the new Christmas gifts is always a bit of a job. Unpackaging, finding places to put all the new stuff, possibly getting rid of old stuff that has been replaced takes a bit of time and energy. However, when you throw a baby having their first real Christmas AND birthday into the mix, it becomes something that takes days to complete!!

First, what is with the packaging on kids toys? So much cardboard and plastic, not to mention all the twist ties that are holding the toys into their packages and some of them are even held in with screws! WTF is with that? Hello people, I don't have time to go find a screw driver to get the toy out of the box while baby is screaming for his new fire truck! Packaging is obviously not designed by people with children!! I think that next year, we will request that Santa take all new toys out of their packages before wrapping them!

And clothes! Wow, this child of mine is spoiled! I swear, he got a whole new wardrobe for Christmas! Which is awesome as many of the clothes that he has been wearing are getting a little too small, but I just haven't been able to put them away because they are just so darn cute. But now that he has so much new cute stuff, it should be a little easier to part with some of the old stuff. I see a trip to the consignment store in my very near future with a car full of stuff!

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