Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Healthy Dinner . . .

I tried, I really did have good intentions of making a nice, healthy dinner for us tonight.  I was making garlic herbed tilapia, broccoli and pasta.  However, when I went looking for pasta sauce, I had NOTHING!  No packages of powder sauce mix, no pesto, not even any jars of tomato sauce.  Now, I could have made some kind of sauce from scratch and still had my nice, healthy dinner, but I really didn't have the energy.  I could have made rice or potatoes instead of pasta and still had my nice healthy dinner, but Liam is in a "rice is only good for spitting and potatoes aren't good for anything" phase, so that option was out (because I also didn't know if he would eat the fish).

I stood in front of the pantry and pondered my options for a couple of moments and then I saw the answer to my dilemma.  It wouldn't be as good as my original meal plan nor would it be as healthy, but it was quick and easy and I knew Liam would eat it . . . so, we had garlic herbed tilapia, broccoli and Kraft Dinner!  At least we had two thirds of a healthy dinner and it didn't make me have to use my sleep deprived brain!  Now, I must go put Kraft dinner on the grocery list, so that next time I have a dinner dilemma, I have a solution!

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  1. your dinner sounds sooooo yummy to me. And being a healthy one makes it sound even better!