Thursday, January 28, 2010

How do you like your noodles? Poisoned or plain?

"agh!!!  Mommy, how could you try and feed me these horrible poisoned noodles?"

That's what Liam would have been saying to me at dinner time this evening, if he were able to talk.  Apparently, the child who will eat anything as long as there are noodles in it does not like pesto!  So, I tried my back up plan, plain noodles.

"agh!!!!  Mommy, these noodles have nothing on them.  Plain noodles are gross."

And then the noodles went on the floor.  And that was the end of dinner.  Fortunately, he ate some chicken and broccoli before I presented him with the poisoned noodles.  And has finished up by eating an entire banana, but he will probably be traumatized for life by the day mommy tried to feed him poisoned noodles!


  1. Ha ha ha, Hilarious! I decided to let Ryder try a different kind of poisoned noodles last night - Kraft dinner - and he HATED it! Seriously, what kind of kid do I have?

  2. Are you sure that Ryder is really a child and not some kind of strange alien from some far away planet?? LOL! Seriously, what kid doesn't like KD????

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