Sunday, January 17, 2010

People and Parking Lots

What is it about parking lots that make some people turn into idiots?

First, is the "parking for customers with young children".  Now, I don't actively seek out these spots, but if one is available AND I have Liam with me, I use it, but most times, there aren't any open because they are being used by people who don't need them . . . so, people, please remember these guidelines when parking in these spots . . . it doesn't count if you left your young child at home, your husband or boyfriend does not count as a young child, even if they have the mentality of one, and finally, your 13 year old daughter who is perfectly capable of unloading your purchases from the shopping cart into the car does not count as young child.  Have a little bit of common decency and leave these spaces for people who really do need them!

Secondly, if you are waiting for someone to leave so that you can have their parking spot, have a little patience.  You see me walk up to the car with an armful of purchase and a young child in a stroller, just a little bit of common sense should tell you that it is going to take a couple of minutes for me to take the child out of the stroller, strap him into his car seat, load the stroller and purchases into the car before I can get in and get out of your way.  Dirty looks and honking your horn at me are just going to make me go more slowly, seriously, it's not the week before Christmas, there are lots of other parking spots, use one of them if you are them impatient.

Thirdly, shopping carts . . . are people really that lazy that they can't take their carts back to the store or to one of the cart corals?  Or do they just not care?  And chances are these are the same people that whine and complain the whole time they are in the store that they carts don't push properly and are loud . . . well, that's what happens when they are left in the middle of the parking lot to be repeatedly hit by cars, truck and SUVs!

And finally, pedestrians . . . watch where you are going people!  Cars in parking lots may be going more slowly than cars on the street, but they can still do a good amount of damage if they hit you!  Sure, pedestrians have the right of way, but remember, as a driver, I can't read your mind when you decide to suddenly change directions and step out in front of me.  And watch your children, teach them to watch for oncoming vehicles, so that they can stop you when you aren't paying attention.  

Thank you for tuning into today's rant . . . I am sure that there will be more in the future!!

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