Sunday, March 14, 2010

Blogging from my iPhone

Let's just see how this handy dandy mail to blogger feature works. I
set up secret mail to blogger e-mail adress, now I am sitting at the
laundromat waiting for the munchkins laundry to wash and instead of
being completely bored out of my mind, I am blogging. How cool is
that? Pretty cool if you ask me, which I know you were about to do.

I going to leave at that for now, because my thong, I mean typing
(see what I mean) on my new iPhone are a little slow and I will be
annoyed beyond belief if I type a big long post and this doesn't work!

And my laundry is call me . . . It is saying "put the damn phone away
and come get me out of the wash and put me in the dryer."


  1. Well would you look at that, it works!! Now I can blog from anywhere!

  2. Blog on the go...a sign of the times!

  3. I am more curious as to why you were at the laundry mat? lol

    But yes, Yeah to the iphone!

  4. LOL Renelle! Let's just say that we are currently between washing machines!