Sunday, March 7, 2010

Weekend? What weekend?

Another weekend has come and gone?  Seriously?

Where the hell did it go?  I have no freaking idea!

What the heck did I accomplish?  Absolutely nothing!

I really did have big plans for this weekend.  I was going to clean up the house.  I was going to organize a bunch of Brownie stuff (to hopefully get some of it OUT of my house!)  I was going to go through all the munchkin's clothes and take stuff to the consignment store.  I was going to do our taxes.  I was going to do some baking.  And I was going to dye my horrible hair.

I didn't do any cleaning.  I didn't even look at the Brownie stuff, so I will be stuck with it all in my house for at least another week.  I started to go through the munchkin's stuff tonight, but had to stop so he could go to bed.  I didn't look at the taxes . . . I don't want to look at the taxes . . . I just want the refund to magically appear in my mail box.  Baking, I baked and decorated a birthday cake for my mother in law, but didn't get anything else done.

And well, my hair is still horrible, I don't remember the last time I dyed it, but I think the roots are now longer than the part that is still coloured from the last time.  On top of that, there is far too much gray in it for my liking, seriously, where did all this grey come from because I would really like to send it back with a nasty message to stay the hell away from my head.

So, it's back to work tomorrow.  Back to making another list of things that I want to do next weekend, "when I have time".  Will I ever learn that I don't have time on the weekend?  And that I really don't have any more desire to do these things than I do during the week?  Probably never!

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