Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Camping According to Liam

First I had to help Dad put up the tent.  It's hard work, but would have been easier if Mom had put the camera away and helped.

Then I just wanted to sit in my chair, relax and have a drink, but they would only give me an empty bottle.  Where is the fun in that?

I was very social all weekend, saying "HI" to all the people, dogs, cars and trucks that went bye!  Dogs and trucks were the most exciting!

When it started to get dark, I got my jammies, my tiger flashlight and my bedtime milk.
When I got up Saturday morning, I was cold and cranky!  Dad thought a fire might help, but I really just needed a nap!

We went to a fair, I rode in my wagon and saw lots of animals.  I like watching the horses chase the cows.  (Team Penning Competition) 

I got to have some french fries with ketchup, my favorite!

And then I drank Mom's lemonade.
Then we went for ice cream!!  

Then it was nap time, I didn't really want to have a nap, I tried to convince mom and dad that I could stay up and play, but they didn't listen.  And I really was pretty sleepy!

Dad cooked steak on a fire for him and mom for supper.

Personally, I prefer grilled cheese sandwich, yummy and easy to eat!

After supper, I did some playing, but I was nice enough to take some time to sit down and read stories to mom and dad.  They really like story time, but they laugh at me a lot.

 I had some cheesies.  They didn't stay in the container very well and I had to pick them up off the ground a few times.  Mom didn't want me to keep eating them because they were dirty.  But the dirt didn't bother me!

I finally gave in and got my jammies and bedtime milk and went to bed.

After I went to bed, mom and dad had another fire and roasted something called marshmallows.  I have no idea what those are, but I wish they'd let me put stuff in the fire.  Maybe I could blow up something like they do on MythBusters!

Sunday morning, I was up early and raring to go!  I played with my toys and ran around.

Then I decided that it would be fun to climb something.  Mom thought this was high enough . . . 

She was wrong!  I kept going!

I said that I would cook breakfast or make coffee for Dad, but wouldn't let me.  She said that the stove gets too hot for me to use.

Can you believe that mom had the nerve to tell me that I was dirty??  

This funny cat came and ate some of the cheerios that I left on the ground.  But he wouldn't come play with me.  I was very sad when he left.

I think that we should go camping every weekend!  I like playing outside and getting dirty!!

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