Monday, August 30, 2010

What? It's Monday?

It can't be Monday, I didn't have to go to work . . . wait, it is Monday and I am on VACATION!!!!!  

And I think that maybe Mother Nature read my blog post about the trees changing colour and how it is far too soon for fall, because we are getting some GORGEOUS summer weather!  Dare I say that it was even almost too hot this afternoon?

Nonetheless, we took advantage of the fact that we are on vacation and the beautiful weather and went for a nice picnic today.  We found a nice little park, took the little bbq, Henry cooked up some hot dogs for us and we fed the ducks!

Liam's amazement when he saw a real live duck was adorable.  He knows what a duck is when he sees a picture in a book.  He knows that the yellow squeeky things in his bath are ducks.  When he saw the first one, he did was he always does when he something interesting that he's never seen before.  He pointed and asked "whsat?"  When Daddy said it was a duck, he got this look of pure astonishment on his face.  He looked at the duck, looked at daddy and looked at the duck again.  "uck?"  And then looked to me for confirmation.  Then he got excited and said "uck" about a hundred times.

The excitement grew when Daddy got out a hot dog bun and showed him how to feed the "ucks".  Liam did a great job throwing the bread to the ducks.  And loved watching them.  He didn't want to stop for lunch and as soon as lunch was over, we where back to feeding the ducks and probably would have been there all day if we hadn't run out of bread!

"Daddy, can I help cook hot dogs yet?"

"Duck?  Is it really a duck?"

"I can throw the bread to the ducks?"

One of about six ducks that came over for a snack of hot dog bun!

"Feeding ducks is hard work.  I need to energize."

"Dad, can we feed the ducks again?"

"Come on Mom, let's go feed the ducks."

Hungry duck!

"Am I big enough to climb trees yet?"

Feeding the ducks with Mom.

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  1. I love to picnic with my Husband and son. It is fun when he discovers all the fun to be had at the park over and over again. Great pictures!