Monday, August 23, 2010

Organizational Skills? Who Me?

You know when you have a job interview how they always ask what your greatest strengths are?  Well, I always say my organizational skills, which is true.  I can organize anything at work.  A week in the office while my supervisor is on holidays and I have reorganized half the files and the desk drawers.  

Then I come home.  But apparently the organizational skills don't ever come home with me.  I can't seem to organize my way out of a box at home.  And it is a very small box!  My craft supplies are a jumbled mess.  My kitchen cupboards are a disaster.  And we won't even talk about my closet.  I just don't understand it.  Why can I do it at work?  Every one of my co-workers knows that I have great organizational skills.  My husband on the other hand doesn't believe that I have any.  And I don't blame him.

Right now, my issue is the charity event that I am involved in.  I am the Volunteer and Bake Sale coordinator for New Moon Rabbit Rescue and we are in the final stage of planning for the 2010 Bunny Hop For Hope.  The event is this weekend.  And this is what my notes look like:

Yes, a scribble of names here and there on a couple of yellow post-its.  Now, I think that post-it notes are  one of the greatest inventions on the face of the planet and I really hope that the person who invented them has made a few million dollars, because they deserve it!  I could not function with out post-its.

However, with only fours days of prep time left for this event, I should be well beyond preliminary post-it notes.  I should be into well organized lists of volunteers with job assignments and bakers with what they are baking and when they are delivering their baked goods.  

But the reality is that my notes are woefully inadequate.  Again, this wouldn't be such a bad thing is I had a memory.  But I think my memory is in even worse shape than my notes.  I would take a photo to show you the status of my memory, but you can't take a photo of nothing.  

I have four days to get myself organized before I have to be at this event, telling the volunteers what I need them to do.  I have my fingers crossed that I get organized before my head explodes.  


  1. LOL I love post it nots too! I can organize if I get in the mood1 LOL Work dose not put me in the mood.

  2. I can organize when I am alone but cant seem to function right when my husband and 2 boys are around :-)

    Nice blog by the way..