Monday, September 13, 2010

New York State Fair Trip - According to Liam

When Mom and Dad starting talking about going to the fair, I had no idea what they were talking about.  They said that I was there last year, but I don't remember, I was too little.  It was a long car ride to get there, but once we were there, it was so much fun!!

There were so many animals to look at . . . pigs, cows, chickens, bunnies, goats, ducks, llama, every where I looked there was another animal!  I like animals, so that was fun!

The Butter Sculpture . . . When I grow up, I want to be a Butter Sculptor!  Imagine the mess I could make with that!

Really, why do I need to wear shoes in the stroller?  You can put them back on me every time I want to get out, can't you?  

So, they put me on a leash and took me for a walk!  But it was so much fun!  I like my dog friend and I like to be able to go where I want to go instead of holding hands and only going where Mom and Dad want to go!
Waiting for the Lady Antebellum Concert sucked!  It was so hot, look at my sweaty head!  And there were too many people for me to get done and play.  AND they went and tied my balloon to my arm.  What the heck is up with that?  I wanted to play with the balloon, but I didn't want it tied to me!  Sometimes Mom and Dad just don't get me!

And then the concert started!  Lady Antebellum.

I clapped and cheered for the music!  And even danced a little bit in Dad's arms.  I would have danced more if I could have gotten down on the ground!

I was so tired when we got back to the hotel that I fell asleep before Mom and Dad even turned out all the lights!  It was a busy day, but can we go back tomorrow??

Hotel rooms are so much fun!!  I could turn the TV on by myself.  I could jump on the bed.  Daddy even taught me how to have a pillow fight!  Can we go to a hotel every week?

Daddy put me in here to drive, but they didn't leave me the keys.  I so totally could have driven it, if they'd given me the keys!

Daddy and I waiting to see the police dogs!  It didn't really sit and wait, I was too excited to see the dogs.  But once they came out, I watched!  

When the show was over, I got to pet the police dog!  He was such a good boy, he gave me a kiss and didn't even take my cookie!  Wonder if he can come teach my dogs some better manners!
Watching TV and playing with Daddy.  I can't believe how big this bed is!  Dad, you need to get a bed like this at home for us to play on!

Eating potato chips in bed . . . does life get any better than this?  We should really do this every weekend!

One minute I was wide awake and full of energy . . . 

Then all of a sudden, I was out like light!  Fairs make me sleepy!

So, Mom tells me that this is a giraffe.  I really don't know what it is, but it's got a HUGE tongue!  And I got to feed it some carrots!

Napping in my stroller again . . . 

Dancing and cheering at another concert.  (Justin Moore)

I love the cows!  They are my favorite farm animal.  I said goodbye to them when we left.
Nobody told me that there would be bath time on our holidays.  That's not fair.  I am on holidays, I should be allowed to stay dirty!

The last night in the hotel, I didn't want to go to sleep.  I played and played and played until mom and dad finally insisted that I go to bed.  Then I played in my bed for a long time before I finally went to sleep.

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