Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Fun!!

Every year, Halloween gets more and more exciting!  Two years ago, we Trick or Treated at 2 houses because every time someone opened their door, Liam cried.  Last year, we had to be right beside him to knock on doors, ring door bells and take the candy when he decided to be shy.  This year, he was a pro!  Walking up to houses by himself, knocking on the door, saying Trick or Treat and Thank You and having a wonderful time!

Here is our Halloween adventure in photos!

 Miller's Farm in Manotick.  Liam would have played on the hay bales all day if we hadn't reminded him that we were there for a pumpkin!
 Checking out the pumpkin patch.  So many pumpkins!
 "I want these two.  One can have a happy face and one can have a scary face."
 "You want me to put my hands in there?  I don't think so!"
 "Are you sure I have to touch this stuff?  It is like slime."
 "I guess it's not so bad after all."
 The scary pumpkin. (We got a small pumpkin that was supposed to be the happy face, but it started to rot before we craved them.)

 Captain America . . . ready to save the world . . . if you have candy!
"Come on people!  There are more houses to go to, lots more houses."
Captain America and all his goodies.  We told him that he could choose 2 things to eat before bed.  He was very good about it but probably only because he was too exhausted to put up a fuss!  We stopped Trick or Treating because he asked to go home to bed!  I don't ever remember asking to stop Trick or Treating, we were always trying to talk Dad into one more house!  But then again, I don't remember being three years old!  When he finally went to bed, Liam was very sad that he couldn't wear his Captain America suit to bed!

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