Friday, November 2, 2012

Six Word Friday - Questions


Everywhere I turn there are questions.
Questions being asked.  Questions needing answers.
All day long, home and work.
I feel bombarded by the questions.

Sometimes answers are easy to give.

Sometimes I silently look for answers, 
to impossible and  even ridiculous questions.

Sometimes I just want to scream:
"Go figure it out for yourself."

Sometimes I really don't understand why
the question is even being asked.

Sometimes I am happy to help,
to find an answer for someone.

It all depends on the question
and why it is being asked.

Who?  What?  When?  Why? Where?  How?
The questions will never, ever end.
Some will bring joy and excitment.
Some will bring angry and frustration.
Some will bring indifference and boredom.
But they will always and forever
Be an everyday part of life.

This post was written as part of Six Word Fridays at My Memory Art, take a minute to pop over and see some other "Question" posts.

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  1. Love this...there are those days when I enjoy the stimulation, and days when I just want to throw people on their ears! And I confess that I really don't like being asked questions when I feel like I should know the answer, but don't....thanks so much for linking up!