Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Baby Talk

I absolutely LOVE listening to Liam "talk".  Mostly, he just babbles away to himself or his toys but often, he is very obviously talking to me.  I haven't the slightest idea what he is trying to tell me but as long as I look interested and reply when he pauses, he just keeps going as if we were having a real, perfectly coherent conversation.  Sometimes our conversations are happy, sometimes they are funny, sometimes they are very serious and on other rare occasions they are very sad.

He even has conversations with his bedtime dragon and teddy bear before he goes to sleep at night and when he wakes up in the morning.  I love listening to those ramblings through the baby monitor.

He does have a small collection of or real "words".  And by words, I mean things that resemble words that he uses regularly.

ada, da, dad, addy - are all variations of dad (this was also his first word)

mom, ma - obviously this is mom, however we don't hear this one very often, I am afraid that he is going to call me Nicki before he calls me mom because he hears everyone at daycare calling me Nicki all the time!

cat - actually means cat!

kitty - this usually means bunny

dag, dog, doggie - dog

catty - this is what he calls his stuffed sheep, when he is really excited it could mean cat or bunny!

ah da - all done, although he doesn't quite get the meaning!

hi - means hi and bye

oh-oh - his favorite word!

ba - ball

dor-da - Georgia, his daycare girlfriend's name

night - good night, although this is a fairly new one that he hasn't said very often

I really do love this part of the infant/toddler stage as they slowly develop from a few little words to talking in full sentences.  And it is even more fun and exciting now that it is my own little boy.  I can only imagine that if Liam continues to talk as much as he does now we are going to have many interesting conversations in the years to come!

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