Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Sick Boy Update

Grandma took the sick little man to the clinic yesterday to see what was behind the pesky fever that just wasn't going away and it turns out that it's a double ear infection.  I can't believe how good he is when he has an ear infection.  I have only ever (that I can remember) had one ear infection and it was so incredibly painful that I could hardly stand it.  I was such a baby about it.  But for the most part, Liam just keeps going as if nothing was wrong.  And just the same as the last time (back in November) it is in both ears.  What a little trooper I have!

So, it is antibiotics (biaxin) twice a day for the next ten days for my little guy, but again, I am lucky, because he takes medicine very easily.  (And I know first hand from my years of working in daycare how difficult it can be to get some kids to take their medication.)

I took today off work to stay home with Liam, not really because he needed me, he has been perfectly happy spending time with Grandma and Aunty, but because I felt guilty leaving him when he's sick.  He was in a wonderful mood, full of energy and eager to play all day.  I am glad that we had some good quality time together!

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