Saturday, May 22, 2010


This past week seemed to last FOREVER!!!  Work was busy and a little on the chaotic side but overall it was a good week, except for the fact that it seemed like it was never going to end!  But alas, it did and here we are in the middle of the weekend!! Today was a BUSY day and I didn't really get much accomplished at home as I had hoped, but it was a good day!  The weather was gorgeous.  I got to spend some time with good friends.  When out for a simple, but nice dinner.  Liam was a very good boy all day long and went to bed very easily.  Now, I am enjoying a nice, much desired wine spritzer, which I am really glad that I bought this morning!  

Tomorrow, we are going to be out all day, buying tires for the truck and hitting the flea market.  I love flea markets, although I haven't very high expectations for tomorrow.  We went about a month ago and it was pretty disappointing.  So much so that we said we weren't ever going to go back.  However, a co-worker of Henry's said that it is much better now that the weather is nicer.  So, seeing as how we will be driving right by it, we will stop and look around.  Either way, a day out and about with the Little Man should be fun!

I like weekends!  Life should have more weekends!

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