Monday, May 10, 2010

For Mother's Day, I got . . .

A little boy with a fever of 102 F.  But the day wasn't all bad.  Henry got up with Liam, so that I could sleep in.  We went ou for lunch and all had a nap in the afternoon.  It wasn't until after nap time that i had a sick, crabby baby in my arms.  But I must say that we are very lucky with this little man.  Even when he is sick, which isn't very often, he's usually in a pretty good mood.  As soon as I got a dose of infant tylenol and a bottle of milk into him, he was playing like there was nothing wrong!  We even had a little photo shoot!

Unfortunately, this morning, the fever was up to 103 F and my little bear spent the day with Grandma and Aunty Margaret and that's where he'll be again tomorrow.  Although I know that he is well cared for when he's with that, I know that he has lots of fun visiting with them (and his furry friends that live there) and he absolutely adores Grandma and Aunty, the mommy guilt is hitting me pretty bad today.  I wish that I was the one with him when he was sick so that I could cuddle him and make him feel better.  I know that I should be grateful that I have someone who can look after him easily on days like this, and I am, but I still feel like I should be there with my baby, not taking care of other peoples' kids.  I hope that he knows that I would be with him if I could.

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