Monday, July 12, 2010

Phew . . . We survived the heat wave!

Last week was a LONG drawn out week that felt like it was never going to end!  The temperature was over 30 degrees celsius ever day with humidex readings over 40 degrees celcius.  A friend said that metal expands when exposed to extreme heat so, maybe the same applies to time . . . I think he's right!  

Blogging was the furthest thing from my mind most of the week.  I was more focused on the simple things, like remembering my own name!

There were many times last week when I didn't think I was going to make it to the weekend without melting into a pile of goo!  And my sanity wasn't much better.  The heat itself was crazy, but it was the humidity that was unbearable.

For the most part, work was tolerable temperature wise -  the daycare is air conditioned and although I don't really think that it works as well as it should, it is definitely better than no air conditioning.  At work it was my sanity that was taking a beating!  Humidex temperatures over 30 celsius even in the early morning all week, meant that we had to stay indoors ALL week!  

Now, think for a moment about what it's like being stuck in the house with your own young children, not even being able to step outside for an entire day.  Now, take away the TV and multiply the noise, the whining, the running, and the complaining by 20 (that's how many toddlers we have) AND then multiply that by FIVE for each day that we were stuck inside.  Imagine what that would do to your sanity and you'll know about where I was at last week!

Has anyone set to work on reopening that insane asylum for me yet?  I really think that I am almost there!

Home was a completely different story.  We do not have air conditioning at home.  The temperature in the house was over 30 celsius all week.  And that makes for a GRUMPY little bear!  And of course, what do little kids want to do when they are grumpy?  They want to cuddle.  And when you cuddle in that kind of heat, you just get hotter and grumpier!

Seriously, I did feel bad for the little guy.  He doesn't understand why it is so hot or why we don't want to cuddle or play with him.  And the poor kid sweats like crazy so he is always dripping wet!  But I must say that I am very impressed with how well he ate most of the week and even more impressed with how well he slept!

I had a difficult time sleeping and a miserable time getting out of bed EVERY morning.  But, we all made it to the weekend, and although it was still hot, it was bearable.  This week is still supposed to be pretty hot, but the humidex is predicted to be in the 32-35 celsius range which is much better than 45 celsius range.  And even 45 celsius is better then snow!

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