Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Potty Training Hell - Part 3

Believe it or not, since my last update, Potty Training Hell - Part 2, we have made some progress!!!!  

"H" started at preschool last Friday and I am happy to say that although he still doesn't pee very much during the day, he doesn't wear a diaper at all during the day and he tells us when he has to pee!  I can happily say that the child I thought would be wearing a diaper to his senior prom is 

"K" has had a sudden and incredible break through . . . I am still having issues with getting his parents to provide me with an adequate supply of underwear and extra clothes, but, contrary to my personal belief that pull ups are useless, we have been having good luck with them!  He started asking to go to the potty and actually peeing when he was there last week.  And this week has been great.  He has been staying dry, regardless of what he's got on (pull up, diaper or underwear).  He is telling me when he has to pee and poop!  He is even waking up from nap dry and asking to go potty right away!  Unfortunately, his progress has not followed him home.  According to his mother, "he pees and poops on the floor like a six week old puppy at home".  But, that's mom's Potty Training Hell issue, not mine!  As far as daycare is concerned, I think (assuming that I don't jinx myself by saying this) that "K" will be potty trained by the time he goes to preschool in the fall!

Then there is "J" despite the fact that he was doing better than "K" for a while, we seem to have stalled.  But as long as we don't start regressing, I'll be content.  Some days are better than others.  Today was a good day . . . no accidents and he did a HUGE poop on the potty but other days, everything that comes out of him goes into his pants!  

And believe me, poop in underwear in not a fun thing to deal with.  No matter how much practice I've had with changing poopy underwear over the years, it is always a ROYAL mess - all over the child, the floor, the toilet and sometimes even me.  It is just plain nasty!  Someone really should make training pants with snaps or velcro sides to get them off easily in these awkward situations.  It seems as though no matter how you want the child to stand or move in order to minimize the mess while removing the soiled underwear, they do the opposite and maximize the mess.  Sometimes, I think that they do it on purpose.  And there is always an audience.  I am really not sure what it is about poop that fascinates two year old, but they always want to see.  But I don't suppose anyone really wants to be reading about bowel movements, so I'll leave the rest to your imagination!

I will just end by saying that I HATE potty training, but I will be getting a bit of a break.  The new kids in my group are younger and not at the potty training stage yet!  Thank goodness!


  1. Little Beetle 100% Organic Velour Learners underpants have snaps on the sides for just such issues. They are great.

  2. Thanks for the tip . . . I will definitely look into those before my Liam gets to the potty training stage!