Thursday, July 29, 2010

Story Time With Daddy

While I was cooking supper tonight, Liam was hanging out with Daddy in the living room.  The often spend this time watching Star Trek and MythBusters because Liam tends to be a little on the hungry and cranky side when we get home and TV distracts him from being under my feet in the kitchen.

Tonight, however, Liam got out some books, went over to the couch and climbed up beside Daddy to read stories.  I love watching Liam with his Daddy.  He is such a Daddy's boy and wants to do EVERYTHING that Daddy does!  It was so cute seeing them read stories together that I had to get a couple of photos.  

Listening to Liam try to repeat words that Daddy was saying as he pointed at pictures was adorable.  Liam isn't much for playing the "What's this?" game or even repeating words after you most of the time even when it is something that he can say.  But tonight he was repeating "duck" and "bear" and doing a whole lot of "talking" to Daddy.  He is so cute when he is "talking" it is very apparent from his facial expression and tone that he really does think he is saying something that we can understand.  

I am predicting that there will be a lot of stories coming out of my little bear once he really learns to talk!

I even got them to BOTH look at the camera and SMILE at the same time!!!!