Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Brownie Camp

It's over!  And I survived!!!  Seriously, though, it was a lot of fun!

We had camp at Camp Opemikon for the North Gower Brownies, Girl Guides and Pathfinders this past weekend.  
Camp Opemikon is located on Christy Lake near Perth, Onatrio

It was a busy but fun filled weekend of crafts, games, campfires and hiking.  The weather was perfect.  Everyone went home happy and exhausted!  Especially the adults!
The cabin, Clements Lodge, that the Brownies stayed in.

I was VERY impressed with my Brownies.  This was their first time at camp and even though we slept in the cabin while the older girls slept in tents, they did amazingly well.  They all stayed the entire weekend and not one of them even asked to call home.  Despite a few "I miss my mommy" tears the second night, they all slept well.  Only once was I woken during the night for a trip to the outhouse!

The Girl Guide/Pathfinder tent area.

Brownie year end camp is always a little bitter sweet for me.  On one hand, it is a fun, exciting way to end the year and it is nice to look forward to having my Monday nights free for the next three months.  But at the same time it is sad and disappointing as at least half of my girls won't be back next year, as they are moving on to Girl Guides.  And of the ones that can come back for another year, there are always some that don't.  It really is amazing how attached you can get to these kids with just one evening a week!

Our huge campfire on Saturday night!

Right now, I am going to enjoy my summer break from Brownies, hopefully finding some time to do some planning and organizing for next year!  And I will look forward to a new year of fun, excitement, new friend and new challenges as Brown Owl of the 2nd North Gower Brownies.
Hiking Trail were we went for a hike Sunday morning.

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