Saturday, June 5, 2010

Lazy Saturday

Weekends around here are usually a rush of getting things done around the house and yard as well as getting groceries and whatever errands need to done.  But we both have this coming week off work, so I took a lazy Saturday.  I had a nap with Liam this morning and then we spent the afternoon playing outside.

First, we put together the wagon that my parents gave Liam for his birthday.  Liam was a huge help, I don't think I could have done it without him!

 Our first wagon ride was just around the yard.  Liam wasn't too sure about it when I put him in and did up the seat belt, but once we started moving, it was lots of fun, as long as we didn't stop!

Daddy cut the grass while we were building our wagon and playing.  Liam is afraid of the lawn tractor when it is running and close by, but when it's sitting still, it's lots of fun!

We spent some time checking out the flower beds.  Liam was quite surprised to find that they are filled with dirt!  He even found a little stone!  

And of course, we did lots of crawling around in the grass.  And walking too.  He is walking all over the place now.  He still looks a bit like a drunken zombie when he walks but each day it is getting better and better!

Aside from spending some quality time with my little bear, I didn't accomplish a single thing today, but I am sure that there will be lots of time this week to weed the gardens and do some other stuff around the house.  Although we don't have any really big plans for the week (a trip to the Museum of Nature, a trip to Valley View Little Animal Farm and hair cuts for everyone!) I am looking forward to having a week away from the stresses of work, without having to get up at 5am and only having to look after my own child!

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  1. I love the picture of him on the lawn mower and also the last pic... I giggled out loud. sooo cute.