Saturday, June 12, 2010

No More Bottles!!!

We have been bottle free for a full week now!

Last Friday (June 4, 2010) morning, Liam has his bottle of milk in his high chair before daycare like he always did, completely unaware that this would be his last bottle!

I had already decided that this week of holidays would be a good time to wean him off his last two daily bottles, first thing in the morning and last thing before bed.  He hasn't used a bottle during the day for a couple of weeks.  So, Friday night we had a sippy cup of milk before bed and we haven't looked back.

There have been a couple of little melt downs when I hand him a sippy cup instead of a bottle when he first gets up or at bedtime, but after a moment of two when nothing else appears, he's happy to take the cup.  And he settles to sleep just as easily as before.

Although it is a little sad that my baby is getting so grown up, I am thrilled to be done with bottles!

My Little Bear enjoying his last ever bottle of milk!


  1. I read this post and I must share! I recently began having conversations with Brett that he shouldn't be given Thomas a bottle at bedtime anymore. He was nursed until a year but always had a bottle at bed and has continued until very recently. Brett ignored and continued so a few days later, Pampers sends this your baby is 17 months should be weining your baby from the bottle! So again, I have this talk with Brett. He agrees to it and after 4 nights of Thomas having a cup of milk at bed I threw out the bottle nipples. Brett was so upset! It was Brett who needed the weining - not Thomas!! LOL So Brett continues the cuddle with Thomas at bed but with a cup...! Both my boys are growing up!

  2. LOL!!! Poor Brett! I hope he is coping alright without his bottles! Although tell him he is lucky that he still gets a bedtime cuddle! Liam gave up the bedtime milk cuddle months ago . . . he sits or lies (wiggling and squirming the entire time) on the couch with his milk all by himself . . . he is not a cuddler at all. He is far to busy and independent to slow down and cuddle!