Thursday, June 24, 2010

Sippy Cups Unite!

It is war I tell you and the sippy cups are out to get me!  And I am out numbered five to one.

No matter when I go to the cupboard to get one out there are none there.  This is especially true if the child is screaming at my feet for something to drink.

Then comes my frantic search for one.  I don't care which one, anyone will do so that I can give the now frantic child something to drink.

In the toy box?  Under the couch?  In the diaper bag?  In the dishwasher?  In the fridge?

When I finally do find one, it is never the one that was filled with water, therefore just needing a quick clean before being refilled for the child who is now in complete hysterics because not only does he think that he is dying of thirst, but he has now see the sippy cup.  No, it is the one that is still half full of yesterday's milk and needs a thorough scrubbing before it can be used to calm the child.  

By the time said cup is cleaned and filled, the child has forgotten why he was screaming in the first place and is now just angry and wants nothing to do with his cup or anything other than his screaming which is now a temper tantrum of epic proportions.

And of course, then there are the times when the child happens to find a day old? two day old? three day old? god only knows how old but I didn't fill that sippy cup today old cup and starts to drink from it.  "No," I yell.  "Don't drink that," as I wrestle the cup away from him causing a world is coming to an end melt down.

If by chance do manage to capture any of the sippy cup soliders and  attempt to contain them in my prisonor of war camp (aka kitchen cupboard) they all jump out on my head simultaneously at every opportunity!

It really is a conspiracy against me.  Any bets on how long it will be before an army of five sippy cups drives me completely and utterly insane?

Sippy Cup Army . . . I think the blue one with the red lid on the right is in charge and the plain blue one on the left is the second in command.

What was that I was saying the other day about the need to reopen insane asylums?  I think that I am one step closer to needing one . . . 

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  1. So this scenerio has happened more than once with Andrea and only once with Thomas...So now here's our house rule. Milk is ONLY given and consumed at the table.*Period* No if's and or buts about it. If the kids want a drink to leave the table with...then it's water or juice. This rule is also in place for visiting toddlers whether it happens at their home or is our house rule!!

    Make the habit now...while you only have one to keep tabs on!