Monday, June 7, 2010

Liam's First Hair Cut

My baby boy got his first hair cut today.  It is hard to believe how grown up he has become.  Almost 18 months, walking, trying very hard to talk and now he even looks more grown up.  

At first, we tried to have hit sit in the chair beside where Daddy was getting his hair cut.  That did not go well!  He wouldn't even sit long enough to get the apron on.  I sat him back down, knelt beside him and tried to hold him on the chair while the hair dresser wet and combed his hair.  He was NOT impressed.  Finally, we gave up.  I picked him up and tried to console him.  He wanted nothing to do with me.  He wanted Daddy.  

He sat on Daddy's lap while Daddy got his hair cut.  And then the guy who cut Daddy's hair did Liam's.  

It wasn't so bad as long as he was on Daddy's lap and had a comb to hold on to.  As long as the hair dresser didn't use the spray bottle to wet his hair or use the clippers, it was all good!

We ended up with a very handsome little boy, who doesn't have hair hanging in his eyes!  And Mommy and Daddy both got much needed hair cuts as well!

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