Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Things of the Past?


Work ethic?


Do these things still exist?  Or are they slowly fading from existence?  More and more I am beginning to think that they are going the way of the dinosaurs.  Was there some Big Boom that I missed that turned many people into apathetic drones?  

* why do people think that it is OK to show up late for work on a regular basis?
* why do people think that it is OK to demand respect but not give it?
* why do people think that everyone is going to give into their every request?
* why do people think that someone is always going to come along behind them and pick up everything they didn't finish?
* does anyone every go above and beyond the minimum anymore?
* why do people think that it is OK to commit to something and then not follow through?
* why do people just not care?


  1. Very true! We have turned into a very "lazy" society....everyone expects someone else to do it!! GRRR!!

  2. Sorry to hear you're having to deal with rotten apples... hope things get better (or at least manageable) soon :)

  3. Very good questions. If you ever get the answers to them, let me know as I've been wondering the same thing lately.